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+2 science passed candidates interested for admission into D. Pharm. course of this college for the session 2016-17 are advised to contact immediately with all the original relevant documents.

For further information contact:

Ph.: 0680 2260024

Mobile: 98612 81801; 94372 04222; 94371 36478


College Located Centrally

     The college is located in the heart of Berhampur Town on Andhapasara Road near New Mango Market. It is at a 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the Housing Board Colony or from Gusainnuagoan and is well connected through proper roads in all seasons. The location has many advantages due to its close proximity to the residental area of the town. All the facilities of the college are put to effective use round the clock. Library and research facilities are utilized beyond working hours of the college. Students and staff need not waste their valuable time in travelling to the college as the college is located within the town in an academic friendly environment.